In Light of Covid-19

Last updated 18th November 2020

We take all our guests’ safety and wellbeing as a top priority and so during these uncertain times caused the by pandemic, we endeavour to be as flexible and considerate as we can to all those who decide to stay with us.

We are following the government guidelines and encourage our guests to always seek out up to date and accurate information regarding the coronavirus and how that may affect their holiday plans by visiting the government website below:

Additional cleaning measures include:
  • Hospital-strength disinfectant is now used throughout our properties

  • Double washing all towels and bed linen

  • Removal of high-touch items and non-essential soft furnishings

  • Sterilisation of all kitchen utensils pre and post a new booking

Updates to your stay

On this page you will be able to find out more information regarding our cleaning routines and the additional measures we have implemented across our properties to ensure our guests’ peace of mind and safety.

We have also amended our booking terms and conditions with clauses relating directly to the Coronavirus and so would like to encourage all those wishing to book their next stay with Ways Away to read these additional points by clicking HERE.

We have compiled a brief outline below of how the current pandemic may affect your stay with us, yet we advise all our current and prospective guests to conduct their own research before booking.

Due to current government restrictions some of Dartmouth’s businesses may not be open during your stay. Please check the latest government announcements for up to date advice, you can do so by clicking HERE.

If you wish to contact us regarding your booking you can do so by sending an email to or by telephoning 01643 863819.

If you fall ill during your stay...

We hope all our guests are able to enjoy their holiday but in the case of someone in your party falling ill with coronavirus symptoms you need to follow the latest government guidelines and seek out accurate information regarding your specific circumstances.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 including a high temperature, a new and persistent cough or anosmia, the government advises that you self-isolate for at least ten days and seek testing. Self-isolation is paramount to minimise the risk of transmission. If you test is positive, the government orders that you should return home, only if you are well enough to do so.

If a guest is unable to return home, they must contact us as soon as possible via email or telephone 01643 863819. You can also contact our property management team on 07972053750.